With the CANDLE.SAND you can design your atmospheric lighting for indoors and outdoors from all our CONARTS decorative bowls !

Easter´s on it´s way - definitely!

The winter (this year unfortunately only grey) has lasted long enough now- time to store wet conditions and darkness as well as the remains of the Christmas decoration in the cellar and welcome the budding spring!

And as Easter is approaching in large steps, there is the opportunity to prepare for festivities and visits. For example with the three-part FLUMI.EASTER decoration set.

Get it as long stocks last!

NEW in our assortment

FRAME.FISH - maritime decoration

Photo frame in combination with concrete fish (4 or six pieces)

Bring sea feeling into your four walls! The picture size of 10x15 centimetres is ideal for your high-quality holiday memories.

And thanks to the plastic viewing panel there are no shards even if the worst comes to the worst...

From our regular product range

From our PETS assortment

NEW: personalizable items !

Never mix them up again - have your CONARTS DOG.BLANKET embroidered with the name of your quadruped!